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East Coast Plan

  • S$200

The Plan we all need.

This is a piece of vinyl sticker 140mm x 80mm. It is water proof, weather proof and not bullet proof. It has a satin matte finish that feels smooth and ooh la la la.

Donation Drive is over! WE HAD RAISED $4300!

Thank you to all those who supported the sale! We couldn't had done it without you!

The sticker can still be purchased but please note that the donation drive is over. No more donation!


u/ayam and u/melonmilkfordays

Donation Drive now on till 18th July 2020

All proceeds from the sale of this sticker from now till the 18th July, after less expenses, will be donated to Krsna's Free Meals. The original creator of this artwork u/melonmilkfordays volunteers at Krsna's Free Meals, they are a lovely small kitchen run by volunteers, and many of the patrons of the kitchen just so happen to be migrant workers in the area.

We’re all aware how the dormitory situation played out in the recent months and I hope that this is one small thing we can do to help them as well as anyone who’s in real need of an honest good meal. For full transparency, the kitchen is running a fundraiser right now for their van & to help with costs of the kitchen and ingredients. Whatever proceeds we make will most likely be going to that.

Thank you again everyone for expressing interest in the stickers, it’s been fun seeing this go from funny speech to a doodled meme to actual stickers coming out. Hopefully we can use this meme to do something nice for the community.

u/melonmilkfordays and u/ayam

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