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忍 Form 1

  • S$450

The Chinese character 忍 literally means to endure. In Japanese, the kanji means patience, endurance and stamina. 

In Chinese, it is pronounced as rěn, or as nin in Japanese.

A single character that comes to embody a certain spirit.

Endure. Patience. Overcome temptation.

We do this everyday and sometimes, we can use a little reminder to grant us the patience, endurance and strength in testing times.

Also Ninjas. Ninjas are awesome.

Welcome to our special tribute to the classic character.

Featuring the calligraphy of Artist and Photographer Tay Kim Hong, who had given us several iterations of the character.

We present to you our digital reproductions in sticker form.

Media: Premium vinyl sticker.

Size of sticker: 150mm diameter die cut to circle.

Lamination: Glossy.

Comes in a variety of background colors.

High performance sticker, well suited to indoor or outdoor use. Water proof, weather proof, sea water resistant. Heat resistant up to 80 degrees Celsius.

With proper care and use, this sticker will last for years.

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